Explore the beautiful Kelp forests of California's Channel Islands aboard the 85 foot 'Conception'.

California Channel Islands

Join us again for our annual trip the the Channel Islands of California! We are again going to the southern islands to dive the kelp forests and to play with sea lions.
This trip includes 4 days of live-aboard boad diving, unlimited air, 3 meals a day, tons of snacks, and tons of fun!

Dates: TBA (August 2014)

Trip Costs:
Dive Team members : TBA
Non Dive Team Members: TBA

We will also haul your gear to the dock in Santa Barbara for $50.00 per person, so you won't have to hassle with the airlines (or lose your gear bag!)
Tank rentals are not included in the price, so you will have to rent one there or bring your own.

Call the shop for more details and to sign up. Hurry, space is limited!


Truth Aquatics was founded in 1974 by dive boat captain pioneer Roy Hauser. Roy began his dive career in 1956 and was one of the first captains to introduce live aboard diving to California. His innovative ideas are seen throughout each boat and his philosophies are still in place. Each vessel was designed and built by Roy and Glen Fritzler. In 1973 Roy designed the vessel Truth on ¼" graph paper and 10 months later it was launched as California's first state-of-the-art live aboard.

In 1996, Truth Aquatics placed sixth in Rodale's Scuba Diving magazine's readers choice in the Top 100 Overall best diving excursions. They also received top awards in best value for diving dollar, most big animals encountered, fourth best destination in the US, number one in best dive staff, best day boat and highest overall rating for any dive operation in the US.

For more information about Truth Aquatics and the Conception, go to www.truthaquatics.com.

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