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Undersea Adventures' very own Dive Team!

The UnderSea Adventures Dive Team is for regular divers who want fun local diving, discounts on gear, free seminars and mini-classes, and a pool of great local dive buddies!
We want you on our Team! Stop by the shop to sign up.
The cost is only $50.00 per year, couples are $75, and families of 3 or more are just $100.00

Benefits of Joining the Team:

  • Meet local divers
  • Go on local dives
  • Learn the local dive sites from experienced divers
  • Free Seminars and Mini-Classes
  • Discounts on Gear
  • 4 Dollar Airfills!

Upcoming dives and events:

TBA: Monthly local dives

April 24: River Dives at Columbia Pt Marina 11am with Divemaster Larry Inscore

August 24-28: Channel Islands trip! Dive team members save $50.00

Sign Up for the Dive Team email list! You will recieve updates on our activites.

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By signing up to this list, you are not signing up as a member of the Dive Team, only a mailing of updates and activites. To sign up to be a member of the UnderSea Adventures Dive Team, call or drop by the shop.
Activities announce that are free to Dive Team members may have a fee for non-members.

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