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Get in on some of our Puget Sound or Missile Silo trips or go big with a tropical dive vacation!

We offer Open Water Scuba Diver courses every month.

TBD: Peak Performance Bouyancy Specialty Class - call for info

Nitrox - We can do these for individuals on your schedule - call for info

June 5: Open Water Scuba Class Begins

June 13-14: Advanced/Advanced Adventurer Class

June 17: Missile Silo - Brad Redmond Group

July 1: Missile Silo - Emily Dingwell Group

July 2: Missile Silo - Mark Cooley Group

July 10: Open Water Scuba Class Begins

July 29-30: Clear Lake, Oregon - Phantom Divers Club trip

August 5: Missile Silo Dive - 3 spots available

August 12: Missile Silo Dives: Aquatic Sports Group

August 19-20*: Vancouver BC Boat Dives - Sea Dragon Charters - Diving on HMCS Annapolis

August 27: Missile Silo Dives: Liz Tribe Group

September 1: Missile Silo Dives - 4 spots available

October 12-14: Barkley Sound, British Columbia Trip - Rendezvous Dive Adventures

October 14: Missile Silo Dive - West Coast Dive Shop Group

January 20-27, 2018: Buddy Dive, Bonaire Trip!


UnderSea Adventures offers dive trips to local, domestic, and exotic locations.

We have dive trips in the Puget Sound almost every month, with both boat and shore diving.

August 19-20: West Vancouver BC boat dives - HMCS Annapolis

January 20-27, 2018: Bonaire Trip

Click Here for more info on Puget Sound Dives.

Misslie Silo Dives Monthly


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