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Our certified technicians can work on anything - from your regulator and tanks to putting seals on your drysuit.


Item Daily Weekend
Reg 14.00 21.00
BC 12.00 18.00
Tank 12.00 18.00
Wetsuit 12.00 18.00
Hood 6.00 9.00
Weights 8.00 12.00
Computer 20.00 30.00
Drysuit 75.00 112.50

Rental based on a 24 hr. period, 2nd day 1/2 price.

We work on all major brands of equipment except ScubaPro*. Our repair department is staffed with qualified repair techs. We offer exceptional turn-around time on most repairs and annual services, often same or next day.

Services We offer:

  • Check, service, overhaul, and tune regulators
  • Visually inspect cylinders using Visual Plus eddy current technology
  • Hydrostatically test cylinders
  • Tumble steel cylinders
  • Leak test drysuits
  • Install latex wrist, neck and ankle seals, or latex socks on drysuits
  • Repair neoprene suits
  • Repair and rebuild cylinder valves
  • Install prescription lenses in masks

*We can check ScubaPro equipment to determine if it is operating properly, but we cannot get parts or rebuild any ScubaPro equipment.

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